Cooking classes your kids can really tuck into

June 11, 2019 By News

RATHER than allowing your kids to raid the fridge every day over the school holidays, enrol them into cooking classes so they can whip up meals the whole family will enjoy.

Workshops will be held at Jamie’s Ministry of Food Ipswich kitchen this July, giving them the opportunity to cure their boredom by learning new skills and plating up fresh and nutritious options for dinner.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Ipswich food trainer Rebecca Zappala said the classes taught children recipes they could whip up for the rest of their lives.

“The classes are very hands-on so they can learn skills that they will always use when they are grown up,” she said.

“We will be starting right at the basics of making different types of eggs, from boiled to poached and even an omelette at the end.

“Adults even have trouble cooking eggs, so this is a really good skill for the kids to learn early.

“The kids will also make things like chicken fajitas, which is a Mexican inspired dish, home-made pizzas, where they will make the dough and the sauce from scratch, and other good nutritious meals.

“We will also cover knife skills, and look at different herbs and spices, protein and cooking styles so the kids get an introduction to a wide array of recipes and meals that they can share with their family and friends.”


Jamie's Ministry of Food Ipswich food trainer Rebecca Zappala.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Ipswich food trainer Rebecca Zappala.Rob Williams

The workshops have been very popular in the past, and Ms Zappala suggests booking your kids in early.

“We have been doing it for a number of years now and the kids love it,” she said.

“The classes have been very popular, and in the past the classes have always been full.

“There are only limited spots on the website, so jump online now.”

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Ipswich has been open since April 2011, and in that time has taught thousands of kids and adults skills they need to make better food choices.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Ipswich host an array of workshops all year round, for both kids and adults.

Registrations for week one of the school holiday classes are open now.

To book, log onto www.jamiesministry

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